All burgers are served on a vegan potato roll. It is not gluten-free a vegan, gluten-free bun is available +1

French Fries  +3
Sweet Potato Fries  +4

Cracked Wheat MTHR $9

(bulgur wheat, carrot, chickpea, spinach, peppers, onion, tahini) topped with guacamole, chipotle mayo, lettuce & tomato

Falafel $9

with sunflower tzaziki, beet tahini, mixed greens, cucumber & pickled onion

Mexican $9.50

(black beans, brown rice, beets,mushrooms, roasted poblano, onions, garlic) topped with cabbage slaw & chipotle aioli


Grilled Beyond Meat Burger topped with homemade potato chips, special sauce, cheese, tomato, pickle & carrot slaw (Gluten Free)

Asian Tofu $9

marinated in soy sauce, scallion & ginger, topped with wasabi aioli, carrot slaw, roasted nori (Gluten Free)

Chicken Fried Tofu $9.50

with chipotle mayo & buffalo wing slaw

Classically Beyond $10

Beyond meat plant-based protein with special sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion (Gluten Free)

Beyond BBQ $12

Beyond meat plant-based proteinwith smothered onion, mushrooms, MTHR’s BBQ sauce, cabbage slaw (Gluten Free)

Nacho & Beyond $12

Beyond meat plant-based protein, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, jalapeño & tortilla chips (Gluten Free)



more toppings:

cheese +2
Chao dairy-free (Gluten Free)

avocado +2

mushrooms +2

guacamole +2

bacon +2
house-made seitan based


two tacos served with chips & salsa

Crispy Cauliflower $10.95

with chipotle aioli & cabbage slaw

Grilled Mushroom $10.95

with roasted poblano, arugula mix, tomatillo sauce & lime crema (Gluten Free)

Roasted BBQ Jackfruit $10

with fennel slaw & lime crema (Gluten Free)


Cracked Salad $10.95

Cracked Wheat MTHR patty on mixed greens, arugula, tomato, peppers, cucumber, fennel, radish, balsamic vinaigrette or carrot ginger

CAESAR $10.95

baby kale, romaine, radish, cherry tomato, croûtons, cashew Caesar dressing

Greek $10.95

mixed greens, cucumber, peppers, tomato, red onion, kalamata olives, chickpeas, tofu feta, beet tahini, lemon vinaigrette (Gluten Free)

ADD: Asian Tofu Burger +4 Falafel Burger +4 Beyond Burger +6


With Brown Rice

Thai Seitan $12.95

in Thai peanut sauce, topped with scallion, chipotle aioli

BBQ Tempeh $12.95

grilled tempeh, MTHR’s BBQ Sauce, mixed vegetable, scallion, carrot slaw, herb tofu crema (Gluten Free)

Tofu Coconut Curry $12.95

grilled tofu & mixed vegetable with coconut curry sauce & cashew lime crema (Gluten Free)




Chip & Dip $5 - Homemade Potato Chips with MTHR’s Onion Dip (Gluten Free)

Spicy Cauliflower Wings $9 with ranch

Guacamole, Salsa & Chips (Gluten Free) $8

3 Dips 2 Chips  $12
Guacamole, Salsa & Onion Dip, Tortilla Chips & Homemade Potato Chips (Gluten Free)

Sweet Potato Fries $7 with maple Sriracha mustard (Gluten Free)

French Fries $5 with chipotle mayo (Gluten Free)


Salted Chocolate Almond Cookie $4

Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookie $4

Brownie $4


Pepsi $2

Diet Pepsi $2

Bubbly Sparkling Water $2: Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Strawberry, Cherry

Natalie’s Natural Lemonade $3: Original, Strawberry, Raspberry

Joe Lemon Iced Tea $3

Up Mountain Switchel $5: Original

Lunch Combo +3

any burger served with chips, fries or side salad and soda


Please notify us of any food, gluten and or nut allergies upon ordering.

MTHR Vegan offers plant based vegan cuisine with many gluten free options. Yet some items may be prepared in a facility that handles wheat, gluten and animal products. Many of our items contain nuts and seeds.  We cannot guarantee that cross contamination can never occur. If you have a food/beverage allergy (especially to nuts, seeds or gluten) we recommend that you not dine with us. MTHR Vegan cannot take responsibility for any injury, loss or damage claimed by a guest who consumes our food or beverages.